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King Salman Armed Forces Hospital In the Northwestern Region (Tabuk).


Medical services Division hospitals of the Armed Forces have a great development in terms of the quality of service provided and increasing number of beds.MSD of the armed forces receive the care, support and interest of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdualziz and the interest of H.R.H Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Crown Prince and Minister Of Defense who is given special interest of Heath Care to his sons of the Armed Forces in the military districts and all locations of honor in the Kingdom.  


King Salman Armed Forces Hospital in the Northwestern Region (KSAFHNWR) provides the highest standards of quality and safety in Health care and health of society to all eligible of treatment through doctors Obtained a highest global certificates in medical disciplines and Employees received the best training programs. In addition to the latest medical technologies, and also from the support of Continuous Quality improvement &patient Safety Program based on Continuous Quality improvement technologies.


The hospital has been keen to implement the best international standards which ensure the quality of services provided that contribute effectively to the development of the quality of those services.

King Salman Armed Forces Hospital obtained the Accreditation of the Joint Commission International (JCI) which is one of the major specialty commissions in this field.


The hospital was opened in 02/10/1400H with a capacity of (129) one hundred and twenty nine bed while now in 2018G it owns approximately (900) nine hundred bed. It was the first governmental hospital all over the Kingdom which introduced the Endoscopy technology at 1991 G. King Khaled military Hospital contains Rehabilitation center for adult (male, Female and Handicapped patients), Psychiatry Department, Family Medicine Center, Preventive Medicine Administration, Home Health Care Administration, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Autism Center and Dental Center.

King Salman Military Hospital facilities and Departments are expanding by adding more than 332 beds in Obstetrics and gynecology Center, Day Case surgical center,100 beds in Cardiac Surgery Center and 105 new clinics in Dental& Maxillofacial Surgery Center and Diabetes Center.


King Salman Military Hospital is accredited Center by Saudi Center Organ Transplantation in all North West region since 1992G,whichConsidered the second biggest center by numbers of kidney transplantation operations which had done.

And it was the first hospital in North region which did a cardiac catheterization in January 1998 G, and first hospital which had done a Coronary artery bypass surgery ( CABG ) in North region in 1420 H .


The hospital is interesting to get accredited fellowship medical programs in many fields (psychiatry, Preventive Medicine, Otolaryngology, Obstetrics and gynecology, Urology, Neonatal intensive care, Anesthesia, Intensive Care, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatric dentistry).



King Salman Armed ForcesHospital  in Northwestern Region​ provides tertiary health care services to military personnel, their eligible dependents during peace and war by provision of a high quality, integrated, evidence based safe practice.




King Salman Armed Forces Hospital in Northwestern Region strives to be a recognized hospital nationally for excellence and compassion in service and care for patients and staff.