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Privacy Policy

​Privacy and confidentiality of the information

Gate put the Armed Forces Hospital in a northern region of Western confidential information of its users and visitors to the top of the list of priorities, and make management portal every effort to provide high quality service for all beneficiaries.
Visitors must gate and its beneficiaries informed of the terms and principles of privacy and confidentiality of the information to see any updates that are made on them, note that the management of the gate is not required to announce any updates to those conditions and principles , which means your use of the gate informed and consent to these terms and principles and what is out of constant adjustments .

Security of personal information
• The preparation of a document privacy and confidentiality of information to help visitors and users to understand the nature of the data collected them when you visit the portal and how to deal with it.
• The Department of the gate to take action and appropriate measures and appropriate to maintain the personal information that has safely ensures protection from loss or unauthorized access , misuse , modification, or disclosure is authorized them , and the most important measures in force in the ministry to protect visitor information personal :
o stringent measures to protect the security of information and technology that we use to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to our systems.
o updated regularly for protection procedures and controls that meet or exceed the standards.
o Our employees are qualified and trained to respect the confidentiality of personal information to our visitors .
Collection of Personal Information
• Once a user's visit to the hospital gate of the armed forces in the region north-west , the hospital's own server logs your IP address Internet user's IP , date and time of the visit and address the URL of any website it is referred to a gate Armed Forces Hospital in the North West region .
• put most websites Once you have had a dossier small on your hard drive to a visitor ( browser) , and this file is called "cookies " (Cookies), and cookies text files , are some of the sites you visit deposited on the hard drive of your computer , the text files contain this information allows for the site to be deposited retrieved when needed during the visit of the next user of the site and this information is saved :
o remember a user name and password.
o Save Settings page in case that was available at the gate .
o Remember the colors that have been selected by the user.
o not make it possible to vote more than once for the same user .
• The browser does not have to enter the password at all as it will be able to visit the site of the system discovered by cookies , or may prevent the user to repeat the voting process if he had already voted , and so on ... On this basis , the gate of the Armed Forces Hospital in a northern region of Western will use the information in the cookies for the purposes of art of its own , and that , when visited more than once , and the gate can change the information contained within cookies or add new information whenever you visit the Gateway Armed Forces Hospital in the region North West .
• If you use the direct application or sent us an email through the portal of the hospital in which you provide personal data , we may share necessary data with other departments or entities , in order to serve more effectively . We will not share your personal data with non-state actors unless they are from those authorized by the competent authorities to carry out the performance of specific government services . By submitting personal information and data through the portal to the hospital , you agree completely on the storage , processing and use of such data by the Saudi authorities . We reserve the right at all times to disclose any information to the competent authorities , when it is necessary to comply with any law, regulation or governmental request .
• You are responsible for your own and fully verified and certified data that you send through this gate .
Protect your privacy
• so that we can help you protect your personal information , we recommend the following :
o contact us immediately when you think that someone is able to get your password , or use code , or PIN , or any other confidential information .
o Do not give confidential information over the phone or Internet unless you know the identity of the person or party for future information .
o Use a secure browser when conducting transactions online with Close unused applications on the network, and make sure that the antivirus software is regularly updated.
o In case you have any questions or opinions about the principles of privacy, can communicate with management through the gate following e-mail :
• to keep your personal data , is secured electronic storage and personal data sent using appropriate security technologies .
• This portal may contain electronic links to sites or portals may use methods to protect the information and specificities differ from the methods used to have . We are not responsible for the contents and methods and the specifics of these other sites , and advise you to consult the privacy notices of those websites .
Send e-mails to the ministry
When inquiring or requesting information about a product or a specific service or in case you have to give additional information using any of the means of communication with the ministry , whether electronic or non-electronic , such as a request to inquire on our site , we 'll use your email address to respond to your inquiries , as it it is possible to save your email address and your message and our response for quality control purposes, we may also do so for legal and regulatory purposes .