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​Terms and Conditions of Use

The use of the hospital gate

This portal Armed Forces Hospital in a northern region of Western Saudi Arabia ( which is referred to here as " the hospital gate " or " gate " ) are available for your personal use . And is subject to your access and use this portal to the terms and conditions of use of these systems and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As well as the longer you arrive and your access to this gate approval unconditionally to the terms and conditions of use whether you're a registered user , or were not , apply for this approval from the date of first use you to this gate .


As is obvious from seeing the gate and its mission , it is the most important objectives of increasing health awareness and provide a nice variety of health information that will help enrich the culture 's health visitor gate and Mtcefhaha ; But that does not mean in any way the possibility of dispensing visit a specialist doctor when needed so, still rely on all the information published is limited to health awareness, education and any use of that information will be the responsibility of the user profile .


And includes the use of the gate a number of terms and conditions which are subject to updates and changes continuously as needed , and it becomes any modification or update any of these terms and conditions shall take effect immediately upon its adoption by the Department of the gate ; , which requires you to an ongoing review of the terms of use and principles of disclaimers to see any updates that are made by the ; as Your continued use of this portal means accepting full and informed of any modification to the terms and conditions of use. Note that these terms and conditions include property rights , and that the management of the gate is not required to announce any updates to those conditions .


Restrictions on Use

By using the hospital gate , acknowledge to refrain from the following :

• Provide or download files that contain software or other material, data or other information that is not owned or you do not have a license on them.

• The use of this portal in any way to send any commercial e-mail or undesirable or any misuse of this kind to the hospital gate .

• Provide or download files on this portal contain viruses or corrupted data .

• announcement or publication or distribution or dissemination of material information or contain defamatory or violation of laws or pornographic or obscene or contrary to Islamic teachings or public morals or any material or information illegally through the hospital gate .

• subscription through the hospital gate in illegal activities or illegal in Saudi Arabia .

• Advertising - at the gate of the hospital - for any product or service put us in violation of any law or regulation is applied in any field.

• The use of any means or software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper operation of the hospital gate .

• carry out any action that imposes an unreasonable or a lamb or a big improperly on the infrastructure of the hospital gate .

Use the links to the hospital gate

• Except as described below , prevents the transfer or copy any of the contents of the hospital gate , or the establishment of any electronic links own or view any of them in a frame.

• You can put links to the gate of the hospital in any other sites do not interfere in their objectives and directs the public with the goals and policies and frameworks gate Armed Forces Hospital in the North West region .

• Do not considered Armed Forces Hospital in a northern region of Western in any way linked to any post or form any signs or slogans or symbols commercial or service or any other means used or appear on Web sites associated with this portal or any of its contents .

• retain the Armed Forces Hospital in a northern region of Western full rights to stop and block any link in any way from any site contains topics inappropriate or obscene or translational or obscene , pornographic or inappropriate or unacceptable or illegal , or names , materials or Information violate any law or violate any intellectual property rights or rights of privacy or publicity rights .

• Maintains Armed Forces Hospital in a northern region of Western right to disable any link in any way unauthorized and shall have no liability for any content available on another site is accessed through this portal or access it for this gate .

Links from the gate of the hospital

• is providing links contact gates and / or other Web sites in order to make it easier for the visitor , and we are not responsible for the contents or the credibility of the gates and / or sites that are linked by not endorse the contents, and so the use of any of these links to get to those sites or gates is at your own risk fully .

• Taking aim to replace the electronic links broken - that do not work - to other sites , and since we do not have the control or control over these links ; , we can not guarantee in any way that these links are permanent.

Virus Protection

We make every effort to check and test the contents of the portal in all stages of production . And we recommend that you always run anti-virus program on all material downloaded from the Internet . We do not consider responsible for any loss or interruption of or damage to your data or your computer for example , which may occur during the connection to this gate or when using the material received from this portal .


Waiver of claims

The gate of the hospital , services and information , materials and functions available or which can be accessed through the portal is provided for your personal, "as is" and "as available " without any representation or promises or guarantees of any kind.


We can not guarantee or take responsibility for any interruptions or errors or irregularities that may arise from the use of this portal or its contents or any site linked to it - whether it's Baalmana or without our knowledge.


Any communication or information the user may send through this gate will not have the right to ownership of or the right to ensure confidentiality and that any use or the use of interactive content of this gate does not guarantee first intended to ensure that the user of any rights or licenses or any privileges of any type .


As a concession to the ministry for any available right her and specified under these conditions in one of the places or events do not in any way mean a waiver automatically and permanently for any rights in places and on other occasions .


Limitation of Liability

Electronic services offered by the portal Armed Forces Hospital in a northern region of Western online and get information about the departments and various government agencies are offered only to facilitate manual procedures . And this recognizes that full communication with your knowledge via the Internet may be subject to interference or interception by third parties , and that the gate does not replace the information available through the official authorities and requests and administrative procedures can be taken directly in front of the competent authorities.


Thus, the recourse to this gate remains at your own risk , and we do not be in any way responsible for any loss or damage of any kind may be incurred due to use or visit the Gateway or reliance on any statement or opinion or announcement in the gate or what may result for any delay in operation or tumble contact or problems Internet access or equipment failures , programs or behavior or thoughts of any person who enters into this gate . Thus, here acknowledge and agree that the sole and exclusive Siltkm for the treatment of any damage or loss that may occur as a result of your use of or login to this portal is to abstain from the use of , or access to, or not to continue to do so .